Riding round Læsø

islandske heste3 days ride around Læsø.

You arrive on Thursday or Sunday evening.

In 3 days you will experience Læsø´s varying nature. You ride 2 full and á half day. During the tours we cross the forrests at the northcoast. From there we ride west along the sea. Furthermore shall we ride around the island's south: "Rønnerne". Here we ride at the beach.

We will be out for 6 hours every day - 4 hours on the horse.

You sleep in 1 - 3 person-rooms at the farm

Period: April, May, June, July, August, September and October

Price: Adults 3700,- dk.k     Kids  3200,- dk.k

In the month of July there is a surcharge on those staying at 300 kr. prs