Ridingholiday on Læsø

Rønnergården Rideferie

The island is situated in the Kattegat and thus is accessible only by sea or air.

The sky is high, the air is clear and clean, and in the deep of the night the only sounds heard are those of nature herself.

Læsø is the largest island in Kattegat. Three fourths of it are lying wild and free as plantations, moors and salt marshes.

There are web footed and wading birds in abundance and the flora excels in unique species like wild orchids among others.

On your excursions you can disappear and find shelter in the warm, white sand of the dunes, you can swim in the crystal-clear water or you can ride under the open sky and enjoy the woods and the wet marshes.
Læsø is the ideal place for riding holidays.

We only use Icelandic horses, with their good minds and comfortable gaits are suitable for riding.

We have 25 Icelandic horses and have good opportunities to find an Icelandic horse in mind and temperament suit the individual rider. There is approx. 10 prs of a team. The group is divided into Intermediate / beginner who is able to receive riding instruction on the trips.

Accommodation 1, 2, and 3 prs rooms, 4 prs if i want it.

There is room to hide behind a sheltered dunes, swim in crystal clear waters or riding the big open sky and enjoy the beaches, forests and marshes. At all seasons there is tranquility and experiences in the varied nature.

The food we servererer are prepared from fresh seasonal produce, fresh fish, seafood, meat and vegetables where possible are organic.

Besides riding is Læsø opportunity to play golf on Læsø seaside golf course, sea kayaking, make seadog (fishing boat) on a seal safari or deep-sea fishing, cycling, picking mushrooms and participate in activities with Læsø ranger. It is also possible to receive the body reflexology massage - seaweed wrap / beauty treatments.